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Kidnap and Ransom 

Every year over 30,000 cases of kidnap for ransom and extortion are reported, along with tens of thousands of cases of marine piracy, workplace violence, and other crises. We work very hard to protect our clients from such incidents as well as to resolve these crises if they are affected.

Through proprietary algorithms and MILSPEC intelligence gathering, we actively track globally evolving criminal activity, including Kidnap and Ransom, Extortion, Marine Piracy, and Data Extortion. By closely monitoring these crimes, we can mitigate our clients’ risk and exposure to transnational and local criminal organizations, drug cartels, human trafficking groups, and others. Areas in which these groups are most active include:

  • The Americas: Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador
  • Elsewhere – Nigeria, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Mainland China, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan (AfPak)
  • Data Extortion – Worldwide

About 60% of the world’s kidnappings take place in Latin America

Drawing upon decades of experience we fulfill a need for comprehensive crisis management, kidnap for ransom and extortion response, combining technology and decades of casework.

We have a highly trained staff of over 50; each responder with a minimum of 30 years’ intelligence, military, law enforcement and diplomatic experience. The team have collectively handled over 1,300 kidnap and extortion cases. We have a highly secure operations center with a guaranteed 24/7 availability. Additionally, we deploy from redundant points including: San Diego, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Miami, and Pretoria. We also help to train our clients at a proprietary training facility in Houston, providing pro-active risk management including defensive driving and other tactical training.

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