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Global Risk Consulting – Corporate

In the international business community, organizations need to be prepared for worst-case scenarios involving their facilities, assets, and personnel. Hazelwood Street Consultants, LLC is available to work with your organization to prepare and test crisis management strategies, business continuity plans, and to provide security training, including close protection services.

A well informed and prepared corporate crisis management team is the best and most essential tool in assuring that our clients succeed in their global risk management and other worldwide crisis situations. Our considerable experience allows us to uniquely provide our clients with bespoke, robust, global risk management consulting.

By addressing the specific concerns and situations presented to our clients on a global basis, we are able to reduce clients’ exposure to risk and to enhance their ability to thrive in an increasingly dangerous global landscape. Our industry expertise includes family offices, colleges and universities, investment banking firms, banks, law firms, manufacturing facilities, the oil and gas industries, aviation, hospitality, healthcare, and media management.

We can provide our clients with global due diligence, personnel and vital facility protection strategies, geopolitical risk analysis, threat avoidance, close personal protection, sophisticated criminal investigations, cyber security, government relations, and other specialized disciplines available upon request.

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