History – Strategic Resources Group

Hazelwood Street Consultants, founded in 2010 by most of the original partners, is the successor company to Strategic Resources Group (“SRG”).  SRG was founded in 1992 by three former senior members of the United States Government Intelligence Community to provide world-class political campaign consulting. By client demand, this quickly grew to include global risk management consulting, business intelligence consulting, merger due diligence (m&a), cyber security, close protection training, governmental relations, crisis evacuation, psychological debriefing, and trauma counseling (for PTSD) to governmental and private entities. SRG realized immediate success managing geo-political issues, advising governments and non-state actors in shaping foreign policy throughout the Americas, and around the world.

table-groupAs our clients’ needs further evolved, SRG continued its expansion into more comprehensive security management training, close protection (CP) courses and close protection work, along with core business intelligence, kidnap for ransom, and extortion consulting.  SRG served its clients from offices then located in Bolivia, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Panama City, Puerto Rico, and the United States; typically providing services to larger response consultancies or government contractors on a retained basis.

In 2007, the principals sold their equity interest to a large client. While some partners retired, one partner shortly thereafter assumed principal Latin American and Caribbean kidnap, ransom, extortion and marine piracy response duties for a major KRE consultancy. Others served the Bush and Obama administrations in senior diplomatic, law enforcement and intelligence posts.

In 2010 the surviving partners founded Hazelwood Street Consultants, LLC as the exclusive kidnap and ransom, extortion, and marine piracy response consultants for several jointly owned Lloyd’s of London syndicates.

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